Monday Night Football

I don’t want to get hung up on football stories but here are a few thoughts and observations from Monday night’s game:

Saints vs Dolphins
It was pretty cool seeing Steve Young and Ray Lewis at the ESPN booth.

I always LOVE seeing Steve Gleason at the game.  Mr. Benson made an appearance on the sideline before the game.
Burnell Taylor did an excellent job singing the national anthem.

The crowd was extremely loud.  We didn’t want to walk out of there being the 3 and 1 team.  And we didn’t.
We had Deuce McAllister sitting in the box next to us and one box down was Willie Robertson and some guy named Kenny Chesney.  They tell me he’s a country music singer.  I don’t do country music.

BEST. HALFTIME. SHOW. EVER.  Southern University knows HOW to put on a show.
Brees broke some records.  I like what I see in Khiry Robinson and Kenny Stills.  Stills has the coolest hair.  Greer had an excellent game.  Our defense held up even without Vilma and Harper.  I’m beginning to like Rob Ryan.  Sorta.  Sproles is a 5’ 6” piece of dynamite. 

My favorite part of the game is watching players from BOTH teams, those that chose to do so, gather at midfield after the game and have prayer. 
4 and 0.  Sounds good.  Sounds really good.

I don’t do too well on three and a half hours of sleep.

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