Maybe I'm the Nerd

My granddaughters’ school participates in this drug prevention program every year called “Red Ribbon Week”.  I certainly have no problem with this and think any lesson learned about the consequences of drugs is great, whether it be taught at school or home.  But they have character dress up day each day and I just can’t figure out the correlation between dressing up as someone and drugs.  What is the point?  Is it just for fun or is there a lesson in it somewhere?  Maybe the point is western people don’t do drugs and whacky dressed people don’t do drugs and so on...maybe?  Okay, so I guess it’s all for fun then.

Today is nerd day.  Last night my six year old granddaughters asked me what a nerd was.  I told them in children’s lingo “it’s someone who is really, really, really smart and studies all the time and may not be very cute and is pretty much a bookworm”.  What?  Did I just tell them that smart people are someone you can make fun of and if you are smart people call you a derogatory name?  Something just wasn’t right about that.  Maybe I’ve had the definition of nerd wrong all these years.  When I got home I looked up the definition to affirm or hopefully negate my thinking. 
Nerd:  1.  offensive term: an offensive term that deliberately insults somebody's physical appearance or social skills

2.  single-minded enthusiast: somebody who is considered to be excessively interested in a subject or activity that is regarded as too technical or scientific
The first word I see, offensive.  And then, single minded.  Yes, why would we pick on someone for loving to learn or how they look or their hobbies?  Isn’t this a form of bullying?  Is it okay to be a bully as long as you don’t do drugs? 

I’m not sure who comes up with the character days, if it’s within the school or if they are following the national program, but maybe they should rethink “nerd” day.
My granddaughters didn’t dress up today.  Not for this reason but another.  I’m kind of glad though.

Do I have a point here or am I being too pc about this?

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