Happy Anniversary to Me!

It is my twenty seventh anniversary today…with my employer. How have I managed to hang in there that long? Not because it’s the greatest place to work. Pay is terrible. Benefits are terrible. But it’s a living. And we don’t have much choice in this area. It’s a thirty minute drive one way but that beats an hour and a half drive.

One reason I’ve stayed so long is that it’s kinda like family there. I spend most of my waking time there with those people. Many folks, like me, have been there for two or three decades or more. I’ve seen hundreds of people come and go. I've made some really good friends over the years. Many of those friends have left the company but we still keep in touch.

I have noticed how today’s generation of younger workers are nothing, I mean nothing, like the old days. Turnover is huge because they want to do as little work as possible for as much money as possible and then skip out to go spend their money. Whatever happened to “any job worth doing is worth doing well”?

The company itself is very different today than when I first started. At one time there were over 700 employees in the plant. We had two other plants in the US and an R & D center. Now it’s down to this plant and the corporate office which is located just up the road. There are less than 300 employees. The economy has really hurt this type business. Hopefully that will change soon. We’ll see.

So maybe I don't have the greatest, most exciting, best paying job in the world but I'm thankful I'm employed. It has paid many bills and helped provide for my family. But now I’m just looking forward to retirement. I only have twenty years to go.

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