Heal the Wound

Point of Grace has a song out called “Heal the Wound”. I get chill bumps every time I hear it. The lyrics are so profound. Here is the chorus:

Heal the wound, but leave the scar
A reminder of how merciful you are.
I am broken, torn apart,
Take the pieces of this heart and
Heal the wound, but leave the scar.

Here’s an article by NRT with Point of Grace about the origin of the song:

Can you explain the meaning behind the song "Heal The Wound"?
We didn't write the songs on this album, but we sat down with a group of writers and shared our personal testimony of what God had been teaching us. So Leigh shared her testimony and explained that when she was in college she had an abortion at age 19. Now this is a Christian girl who was raised in a Christian home, and for the longest time she dealt with that on her own—and didn't tell anybody! Obviously, when Leigh got married she shared this with her husband which was very difficult! You know Shelly, Heather and I talk so much about purity, and when Leigh became a member of Point of Grace she wanted us to understand her story—and we shared a real sweet time together. And when Leigh finally told her parents what had happened, she found freedom in that. God's word says, "The truth will set you free"—and that is so real!The Lord healed her heart and restored her. Yet for so long she continued to "ride the guilt" over what she had done, even though Christ died on the cross for our sins and by His wounds we are healed! But it does take a lot to really believe the truth and to walk in faith. So this song is based upon Leigh's testimony and what she had experienced.The song says "Heal the wound but leave the scar," and that reminds us of what God has done for us—He has healed our past—but to see the scar on his hands reminds us of what He did for us on the cross. For Leigh, it's the scars she carries from being in that particular situation but realizing where God has brought her, how He has redeemed her and how He has not condemned her, but loved her with an everlasting, steadfast love. Leigh even shared this testimony at our Girls of Grace conferences. We have to realize just how many women live under that particular guilt, so we're getting the word out that God is a redeeming God who loves them and has healed them because of His willingness to die for our sins. They can walk in redemption and joy, and they don't have to live under the umbrella of guilt anymore. This is a very powerful message for anybody who feels as if they will always remember their past—but now you will remember it in the way of redemption—because God has brought us so much farther than that!

We all have wounds. Hopefully we all have scars too. We are never out of reach of God’s mercy and grace. If you don’t know Him, seek Him. He will be there.


mrs.h said...

Thanks for posting this. It gives me a whole new perspective on scars, internal and visible.

Old Bopper said...

I am catching up on blogs I enjoy. This is an excellent piece which deserves to be shared with many.