Shot of a Lifetime

I hate having my picture made but this one is special to me. No, not because it's before I aged and gained an extra hundred pounds, but because of the photographer. This was made when I was a member of the Redline dance team in college. The photographer was Ted Jackson. He's a local guy. He was (and still is) a friend of my sister and I knew him through her. He also took drafting under the same instructor that I did at that college. Ted has worked at the Times Picayune for many years. And back in 1997 Ted won a PULITZER prize for a photo story he did for the Times Picayune. Yes, a pulitzer. Pretty special. So, that is why I cherish this photo.

This is a link to more about Ted and his ordeal after Katrina:


Supermom said...

Great photo!

acalcote said...

I seem to remember those Red Line Days. It seems many moons ago. It is a great shot!