The Dyson

Well, I did it. I broke down and got me a Dyson. For those of you who may not know, that is one of the highest rated vacuums on the market.

The old Hoover had run its course. I think it scattered more dust than it picked up. It had been a good one though and for the price, I had been satisfied. But I figured with twin one year olds running around I needed something that would really, really clean. Because whatever those two find on the floor it goes straight into their mouth. I noticed Kylie chewing on something the other day and ran my fingers in her mouth and pulled out a ladybug. Ewwww, a dead ladybug! I had been looking and pricing and comparing vacuums for a couple of months and that’s when I decided I’d better make up my mind quickly. Well that and the very convincing lady on HSN!

But now that I’ve got my vacuum I don’t regret it. I’m ashamed to say, it was unreal to see the stuff that the Dyson picked up. It’s worked great on the wood floors too. This is one satisfied customer. So ladies and gents, if you’re in the market for a vacuum, take a close look at the Dyson. I’d surely recommend it to a friend.

I’m just hoping the company slogan holds true and “it won’t lose suction”. As for the old Hoover, it’s gone to the graveyard already.

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