The Soldier

My husband and I decided to take the granddaughters to Hattiesburg on the fourth just to eat out and do a little shopping. We’ve learned not to be in any hurry when we take the twins. People are fascinated by multiples for some reason. They like to stop and look and ask questions. We don’t mind.

That day we brought the stroller and pushed the girls into Target. I looked up and there were two national guardsmen walking our way. No surprise to see guardsmen since Camp Shelby is located there and no surprise to see someone wanting to talk to the babies. Both were handsome men…but all men in uniform are handsome to me. The blonde haired one bent down and started talking to the girls immediately. Of course the girls just sat there and looked, being fascinated by a new face. He asked how old they were. He then said, “I have twin boys but they are a little older than you”…a short pause…”I sure do miss them”. He then just stayed there for several seconds, not saying a word, still squatted down just looking at the girls. I should have asked him where he was from, how old his boys were, something, but I was trying to hold back the tears from seeing that look on his face.

He finally stood up and I just said thank you. Hopefully he knew that thank you wasn’t just for giving my girls a compliment but for sacrificing his time, his time that could be spent with his own boys, to make this world a safer and better place. God bless him and all those like him.

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mrs.h said...

You never know when sharing your children or grandchildren will make a difference in someone else's day. I'm glad you both had the chance.