Kodak: The Root of All Evil

Nothing has made me madder lately than my cotton picking Kodak camera. It’s not even a year old and it has made me lose my temper more than anything. I’ve mentioned here before that I cannot upload pictures anymore. After downloading new software three times, tech support finally decided I have a bad USB cable. So for now, I have to get a cd made in order to put pictures on my pc to use for blog posts. I was going to purchase a new cable but no one around here has it so it looks like I’ll have to order it from Kodak. And if that is not my problem, I’m out about $25 plus shipping unless I want to bother with returning it. Then I'm only out shipping. Twice.

Second in line on my bad list right now is Walgreens. I know, I KNOW, it is the busiest time of the year so I try to keep that in mind and keep my cool in the crowds and chaos. So, I take my sd card to Walgreens on Monday during lunch time so I can go back that afternoon and get my pictures and MAINLY my cd so I can do some blog posts and order a personalized calendar from Walmart. Well, both pc’s are busy with customers. No problem. I wait. And I wait. And wait. I watch this one woman type in “Snow in McComb 12-11-08” so many times I could beat her. Every blasted picture she had to type in that caption. After about the 25th time I just couldn’t bear it any longer. I wanted to do like Walker Texas Ranger and plant a horizontal side kick and knock her off that stool. We only get snow in Mississippi maybe once every couple of years so she should be able to remember that stupid date. I decided I had better leave and come back that afternoon before I got arrested for assault and battery.

I drove back that afternoon and had a short wait in line but everything else went fine then. Pictures and cd was entered and ordered. Finally.

I went back during lunch on Tuesday. And keep in mind I only have a half hour for lunch. I’m usually a little over but I get to work plenty early and rarely take either of my two breaks so I don’t fret about it. So I ask for my package and “no cd” is written on it for some reason. The clerk explained that when they tried to burn a cd it got hung up and would not continue. It had their machine down for four hours earlier that day. My pictures only did this. No one else’s. So she says she’ll try again. Meantime I pay for my purchase since I am in a hurry and the line keeps getting longer. After a few minutes the clerk says it had stopped. Terrific. It always stops on the same picture. Can you delete that picture I ask? The male associate asks if I have my sd card with me. I do but it’s in the truck so I trek out there and get it. When I get back I hand it to the clerk who says they have to do it on the public pc’s. What? We have to wait in line I ask. Yes. No way. Give me my sd card and my money back for the cd. The clerk asks for the package of pictures so he can scan it and give me credit. The very package of pictures I laid down in my truck when I went out to get my camera. I am trying so hard not to be rude to these clerks because I know it is not their fault. I walk out to my truck and retrieve the package. I politely say to the clerk “I came here thinking you all would be less of a hassle than Walmart but you have proved me wrong”. He apologized. I’m sure he was thinking “that bah humbug shirt that woman is wearing sure suits her”. I left. Maybe to never set foot in Walgreens again.

That afternoon I decided to stop by Rite Aid just to TRY and get a cd. No waiting thank goodness. I pop in my card and after a few minutes, bam, error message. “Must reboot”. I was beginning to think I would never get a cd. And since my home pc is in the shop I couldn’t scan the pictures I wanted either.

So the very nice clerk tells me to try the other machine. I only have to wait a few minutes for a lady to finish up. Insert card. No problems. I have my cd in about three minutes. Success at last. Rite Aid is my hero.

For those of you who have Kodaks and have had no problems, that’s great. Maybe I just got a lemon with this one. But it will be the last Kodak lemon I ever buy.

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