Why I Love My Old Altima

10. She’s smaller so she handles better than the truck.

9. The radio doesn’t work so I can meditate while I’m driving.

8. Insurance is cheap.

7. She doesn’t have a horrible license plate. Just a normal one. And it’s cheap too. About $36.

6. The air conditioner may not work but the heater sure does. Only on high though.

5. She humbles me. No, I’m not too proud to drive a fourteen year old car. I just salivate a little bit when I see the new ’09 Altimas.

4. She gets better gas mileage than the truck. She was on empty yesterday and I filled her up for $18.00.

3. The dark green doesn’t show dirt. Not too bad anyway. Aw shucks. She’s dirty. I just can’t see spending time and energy washing an old car.

2. She’s dependable in her old age. She hit 275,000 on my way home yesterday. That’s a lot of miles. She still runs well. And we’ve only had to do a major repair (around $1,000) just once. That still beat a new car note.

1. She’s paid for.


i'm black betty said...

not only do i have the jeep, but i have an altima, too. i LOVE that car. they drive great and will last forever! i concur. great post!!!

Mrs.H said...

I have a '94 BMW that has leprosy on its nose and tail, and no interior door panel on the passenger door. But I LOVE to drive it. It still handles like a BMW. And it was paid for years ago.

Jen said...

I want to hold onto my Tahoe. It will be paid for in a couple years. BUT, I'm scared it won't last. I had a Mazda 626 that I would give anything to have back. It was paid for as well. I drove her for 7 years, best 7 years of my life! haha