Relaxing Weekend

Last weekend was so nice. I didn't leave my house from the time I got home from work Friday afternoon until Sunday morning for church. Which meant no make-up and no hair washed on Saturday. A rare occurance. Me and the redheads spent a lot of time outside. The weather was pretty nice and they love going outside. No mosquitos to contend with this time of year. And not many fireants after the snow.

Now next weekend will be just the opposite. I've got to clean house and start my cooking for the three Christmas meals we'll have at home. Hubby and I will go out for our anniversary one night. And my daughter and I have to make a trip to town so she can finish her shopping.

Then hopefully after Christmas I can relax again. I'll be off for THIRTEEN straight days. This is the first time I've taken off this long at Christmas. I don't know how I managed to save vacation for the end of the year but I did. I can't wait. So the blog may slow down, or even stop unless they get my home pc fixed, but that's okay. I'll be back for the new year.
They say "Rock, rock" the entire time they are in the rocking chairs.
In the glider with Pawpaw.
Sonny says "I wish those girls would stay out of my space"

Walking with Great Grandmother.

Naptime in the big bed!


Supermom said...

Precious PRECIOUS pictures!

i'm black betty said...

OMG!!! they are so frickin' cute. the sleepy pic is my FAV!!! love me some red-heads!!!

Jen said...

The girls are growing up so QUICK! Their little faces are developing facial expressions that are setting them apart too. They are just SO CUTE! hehe I have to agree, I love the one with Papaw & the sleepy one :) hehe