A Perfect Cheesy Totty Day

It was cloudy this morning so that was an excellent reason to get cheesy tots. You see, when I leave BK and head back east to work there is a small strip on Delaware where the sun is hitting directly in my face and totally blinds me. I have to slow down to about 5 MPH, put the visor down as far as possible and raise up out of my seat just to see a few feet in front of the car. It takes several minutes for my eyes to adjust at the traffic light just to see what color it is. A few mornings I even turned and went a different route to avoid the sun in my face but that way is too many turns and stop signs and affects my eating routine. I am always eating my last tot by the time I make it to the Presley intersection.

With the heavy clouds this morning, I knew it would be a safe, stress free, cheesy totty day.

And they were perfect too! Brown and crisp on the outside, cheesy and creamy on the inside. Six little perfect rounds. Maybe it will be cloudy tomorrow too. I do love the rain.


i'm black betty said...

you cheesy tot devil. i'm starving. will you bring me some, PLEAZZZZZ????

HorribleLicensePlates said...

I really love the cheesy tot diaries. You've inspired me to try them myself!

Anonymous said...

Those cheesy tots are staying with ya...santa bringing some stretchy pants to you for Christmas.

Anonymous said...

JK :) Bless your HEART