This Little Piggy

I have wanted to get a picture of this sign for the longest but it isn’t in the best part of town so I was a little skittish about stopping and snapping. But I got brave the other day. There was a parking spot open so I pulled in, opened the door and just had to take about four steps, and got it. No knives flashed. No gun shots. Whew.

So tell me, are the pigs feet part of the $2.99 breakfast? Or at which meal do you actually serve pigs feet?

And are the feet hot as in temperature? I’m sure warm feet are much better than cold feet. Or do they mean spicy hot. Ummm, crunchy, spicy hooves. Or do all their pig feet come from smoking hot sexy momma sows? Look out Miss Piggy.

No matter, I really don’t think I’ll be checking them out any time soon. What about you?


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i'm black betty said...

ROTFLMAO!!! awesome! what better way to give your heart a workout! :)