I survived Christmas 2008. I actually enjoyed this Christmas very much.

Over the past few years I guess I had become rather scroogey about the holidays. I was always running, cleaning, shopping, and cooking. And cooking and cooking. I was always tired and stressed out. I worried if people would like their gifts. I worried if I had enough food fixed. I worried if my house was clean enough. I worried about money.

I always over cooked and over spent. Now I can’t say I over cleaned because I’m really not a very good housekeeper. I cleaned more than I normally would anyway. You know, dusted things that only get dusted twice a year, like ceiling fans and chandeliers.

This year I was determined to keep my goal of cutting back on both gifts and food. I would NOT put anything on a credit card. And I’m happy to say I did it!

I shortened my menus. I didn’t fix so much that we’d have leftovers in the fridge to throw away after a couple of days.

I found some really good bargains. I stuck with the amount of money I had budgeted for each person. Even for my daughter and the redheads, I kept it reasonable. They all would be getting gifts from two families so it was no need to go overboard. And they got plenty. The redheads are still enjoying their toys. And my daughter got a Wii from her boyfriend so that has topped anything we got her. That’s okay though. I don’t mind at all.

We put the tree up earlier than normal and are keeping it up a little later. I’ve enjoyed watching the redheads so much. Even the times we had to say no when four little hands were reaching for the ornaments. We just finally moved them all up top. And I didn’t even blow it when Big Sis hooked her new baby doll stroller in it and almost brought it down.

So I hope everyone had as much of an enjoyable Christmas as I did. I’m already looking forward to next year.


dhcoop said...

Good for you!

i'm black betty said...

that's awesome! you go, girl! :D