Back to Normal

After thirteen straight days of being home I am back to my old normal routine.

The alarm clock went off at 5:41 (which is actually 5:31 because I have it set ten minutes fast). But I hit the snooze button only twice, rather than three times like I normally would. Guess I was kinda excited about getting back to work. Aw shucks. I was ready for some cheesy tots. I have only had them twice since I’ve been off. And they weren’t from my usual BK. Don’t get me wrong. They were good but I just have missed my familiar faces that greet me every morning.

MrsHLP and Parrotmom, so glad you liked them but heed my warning: They Are Addictive!

So anyway, I’m back in my blue cube getting caught up on 399 new emails and getting ready to start a huge work project. It was nice being off but I am honestly thankful I have a job. There are many who don’t have one right now. I do hope 2009 is a better year for everyone.

Off to read some emails and change out a calendar.

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HorribleLicensePlates said...

**races out of office towards nearest BK

must. have. tots.