Breakfast Dilemma

Change is good, right? Yesterday, while eating lunch at Sonic, I noticed they had a junior breakfast wrap on their new dollar menu. About halfway into my drive to work this morning I started thinking…maybe I should try that breakfast wrap from Sonic this morning. It would save a few cents plus they have diet Dr. Pepper. Then I actually become overwhelmed with the thought of turning my back on my cheesy tots. Seriously. My brain began to battle itself. What if I don’t like this breakfast wrap? Will I start having cheesy tot withdrawals about mid morning? It is Friday and I probably won’t get cheesy tots again until Monday. But a change might be good. The breakfast wrap might be really good. And it’s cheaper and Sonic is a little closer so that means less gas wasted. Every penny counts nowadays right? But the wrap is probably hard to eat while driving. Cheesy tots are easy to hold and drive. But I love diet Dr. Pepper and I love the fact that they come in the styrofoam cups that stay cold longer. But I wouldn’t see my buddies at BK that I talk to everyday. And I’ve actually had three people tell me in the last week or so that they tried cheesy tots. Two out of the three liked them (and the third person may have liked them but just didn’t want to admit it). I can’t turn people on to them and then turn my back on them, right? What am I doing? I mean, seriously. It’s not like I’m gonna hurt the cheesy tots feelings if I eat something else for breakfast. These are inanimate objects. It will be okay. Or will it?

As I approached Sonic I still didn’t know what I was gonna do. Closer, closer. But I kept going. On to BK for my cheesy tots. Maybe it would be easier to try the breakfast wrap on another day, not a Friday. Or maybe not.

So what do you think? Should I at least give the breakfast wrap a try? Or stick with my faithful cheesy tots?


dhcoop said...

LOL!!!! You are too funny, girl!

HorribleLicensePlates said...

I say you should try the wrap, but really, could it ever be as good as those tots?

Watercolor said...

Styrofoam cups are bad for the environment. :)

Does that make it harder still? lol. Sorry.

i'm black betty said...

stick with the cheesy tots. ;)