Monday Morning Thoughts

Lipstick makes a world of difference.

Why won’t people use turn signals? It’s really not so hard to reach over and flip it. Just FLIP it. It flips off by itself. No big deal.

The diet coke numbers in the vending machine at work are 25 and 26. I always make sure I push Deuce’s number instead of Reggie Bush’s. Nothing against Reggie, except he hasn’t lived up to expectations, but I am just partial to Deuce.

I still laugh when I think about “demoncrat” and “toad trip”.

I really don’t care who wins the super bowl now. None of my teams made it to the final four even.

“24” was awesome as expected. But I can’t believe Janeane Garofalo is now part of the cast. Another episode is on tonight. It will fill in the Monday night football gap. Then Idol starts tomorrow.

I am going to miss Alan Colmes. Seriously. Sean will have a good show I’m sure but it just won’t be the same without Alan’s point of view.

Why do I save all my bananas for last when I eat runts?


HorribleLicensePlates said...

Oh I totally forgot that AI starts soon (immediately runs to TiVo)!!

Ew and those banana runts are not the best. I usually go for the pink ones first.

Mark Williams said...

I hate when people don't use their blinkers and it keeps you from being able to get out on a busy highway! Ugh!!

i'm black betty said...

one of my biggest pet peeves is someone NOT using their turn signals. ARGH!!!!

Mark Williams said...

Happened to me at lunch while I was in town. Thought of you.

Andra said...

I never eat runts, but when I eat Skittles, I always start with purple, then red, then orange, saving green and yellow for last.

Jen said...

The 'nanners are awesome! :) hehe

Lipstick. I will have to post about that one. You'll get a kick out of it.