Pucker Up!

I'm certainly no beauty expert. I do good to get make-up on for work. I do take more time with it if I'm going to church or town or somewhere...anywhwere besides work. But I do want to share something I've recently found out.

I've been using the Revlon Colorstay lipstick for quite some time now. This kind:

The lipstick is applied with a sponge type wand and it has a clear brush on gloss on the other end. I've used the gloss only a time or two. This stuff is true to it's name. It stays. It will actually last for two or three days unless you scrub it off with soap and water or make-up remover. You can eat and it won't come off. You can brush your teeth and it won't come off. That's what I like. Since I'm not a morning person I have just enough time to get dressed for work. If I can save 30 seconds by not having to apply lipstick the second morning, I'll take it.

Recently, I decided to get the solid type lipstick since I rarely use the gloss part of the other. I figured it would work just like the sponge on type.

It goes on great and looks good but it does not last. Once you wipe your lips it is gone. Or it will wear off through the day like any ordinary lipstick.

So, if you want a lipstick that stays put, use the wand type Revlon Colorstay with the clear gloss. It works great.


Mrs.H said...

I hope you're joking about lipstick the 2nd day!

tgtank said...

lol! MrsH, yes, I was kidding. But if I didn't use make-up remover the night before that stuff would still be there.