Bottle Bust: Day 1

We finally broke down and did it. The bottles are gone. We’re about six months late so it was well past due. We had to be tough though, which is hard to do when it comes to those redheads. We’ve “started” a couple of times before but just never stuck to our guns. This time they are packed up and put away.

They’ve been on sippy cups during the day for quite some time now. It was just bedtime that the cries for “bobba, bobba” started.

I figured Lil Sis wouldn’t be a problem. She sucks her two middle fingers so all she does is pop those in her mouth. Another habit we’ll have to work on at some point. But I figured Big Sis would be a little harder.

My daughter was no problem at all to wean. An elderly lady at work had told me to wait until “the signs are in the feet”. I don’t normally follow the Farmer’s Almanac but I figured it couldn’t hurt for this. I got a book and the lady helped me decipher it. About six days after my daughter’s first birthday it was time. We put the bottles away and she never asked for another one. I don’t know if she was going to be that easy anyway or if the Almanac actually helped.

So, I figured following the old Farmer’s Almanac again couldn’t hurt. I found this website and saw that the 13th was the day.

It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. At bedtime last night Lil Sis asked for her bobba. I gave her a cup and she took it. She took a couple of sips and then stuck those fingers in her mouth. She was fine.

Big Sis was a little tougher but really not that bad. She didn’t want the cup at first. She cried against the refrigerator and threw a fit for a few minutes. I offered her cup to Lil Sis, who was willing to take it, and Big Sis decided she wanted it then.

They went to sleep in Pawpaw’s lap. Quietly. Calmly.

Mission accomplished.

I hope. We'll see how day two goes.

p.s. The Farmer's Almanac site includes the best dates for all kinds of things. Dieting, smoking, planting, camping (camping???). Interesting for sure.


dhcoop said...

Good luck!

i'm black betty said...

good luck! we were able to schedule the end of bottles and pacifiers around christmas time. i told her santa needed them for the little babies everywhere, and she was more than obliged to give them up. i got LUCKY!!! :)

i'm black betty said...

how did yesterday go? :)

tgtank said...

Yesterday went good. Lil Sis, no problem. Big Sis asked for bobba and hesitated just a second when I handed her the cup. But she took it. This may be easier than I thought it would be. Thank goodness.

i'm black betty said...

glad to hear it!!! :)