A Couple of Updates...

Bottle Bust: Has gone fine. I thought it was gonna be hard but I was wrong. Lil Sis has never looked back. Big Sis asks for her bobba at bedtime but I hand her a cup and she’s fine. We probably could have done this a lot sooner.

Next, potty time. That’s what’s gonna save us some bucks! Yes! I don’t think they are quite ready just yet though. Even though I did sit them on there this past weekend when they woke up and they filled them up. We’ll do that as a starting point.

They are beginning to make sentences. Last night I had to change Big Sis’ diaper but she didn’t want to stop playing. She began her little gurgling scream that pierces your ears and grates your nerves. (She changes the sound of her cries periodically for some reason. Previously, she did a “honking” cry. Now it’s a gurgler.) I had her on the changing table and she was screaming away. Lil Sis took a step up on the lower shelf and held on and got face to face with her sister and said, “shut up”. I think the gurgling screams were getting on her nerves too.

Breakfast confession: Okay, I did it. I went to Sonic yesterday and got the junior breakfast burrito. It was okay but I had to sit there and eat it. It needs the salsa on it and there was no way I could drive and squirt salsa at the same time. Plus, it was way too much for me to eat. Needless to say, I got cheesy tots this morning. And needless to say, they were scrumptious!


i'm black betty said...

congrats!!! we had a hard time with the potty training. diva was almost three before it stuck. her teacher was very helpful at daycare so that definitely rushed things along.

may the force be with you. :)

Jen said...

Lawdy, I changed my blog way back and I lost my blog list. I *thought* I had everyone saved in a word doc and I didn't...So Ive been doing it by memory. (I have like 31) and I just realized this morning, I didnt have you on there. So, I am catching up! SO SORRY! Ugh, I hate changing my blog and losing my list. Now, after it disappeared, I realized how to save it in the widget list. Finally!

Anywho, congrats on the bottle breaking! :) Good Luck on the potty training. That is one part of having a kid that I think I will dread! You can't put them outside like the dog ;) hehe