What is the rule when someone is merging into traffic and both lanes are full, shouldn’t the merger be the one to stop and wait for a clear lane?

More than once here lately, I’ve been behind someone on the interstate and since they couldn’t pull into the left lane to let a merging vehicle in, they came to an almost complete stop to let that vehicle merge. Now it is great to be polite and let someone into traffic but to nearly stop on the interstate when traffic behind you is going 70 plus mph’s is kinda dangerous.

So am I right? Shouldn’t the merger stop and wait for a clear lane?


i'm black betty said...

that's why there are merge signs on the off ramp. i will straight up run a fool over. i don't move...especially if they don't put a blinker on. they can kiss my grits!!!!

Jen said...

oh gah, My hubby gets IRATE about this kind of crap! :) Especially on the on-ramp when they are suppose to speed up to match traffic speed on the interstate and yet they only do 20 then try to get on..oh gah, he makes me nervous. I promise he will run over someone one day for that junk.

But yes you are right.

Confessions of A Mississippi Mom said...

I think that people are just plan stupid when it comes to driving on the interstate. There should be a whole different license's b/f being aloud to drive on the interstate. Lawd the old people who go 20 trying to merge onto traffic going 100 kill me... Really! come on Granny!

Your 100% Right and I will run a person over who act like a stupid moron for letting them in...