My daughter is eighteen today. I guess she is officially an adult...even though she will always be my baby.

Why is Alice Cooper's song "I'm eighteen, and I don't know what I what" going over and over in my head?


Jen said...

what a beautiful daughter you have, too! I hope she has a great birthday :) 18 was awesome for me but I did some stupid stuff. AND, make sure she goes to register to vote! haha That is one thing I had to do the very day I turned 18. It was the best gift ever for me. (but I love politics and my right to vote! haha nerdy, I know)

dhcoop said...

She is beautiful and yes, she will always be your baby.

i'm black betty said...

happy burfday!!! she is absolutely BEAUTIFUL! LOVE the pink in her hair. makes me wish of 18 again. congrats, mom...you done a good job!