Shadows in the Bathroom

Warning: This post is exclusively for mothers so unless you are a mother, you should STOP reading right here. You’ve been warned.

Do your small children follow you into the bathroom? What is so fascinating about that room? My daughter did it and now the redheads do it. I can close the door and keep them out and then they stand there and cry the entire time so I figured it is just easier to let them on in. They stand right in front of me and wait until I’ve done my duty (or doody might be a better word). They make their “pushing” faces when the time is right (enough said) and do the stinky hand wave when the time is right. They watch me wash my hands and then we head out. I don’t know what the big thrill is. Even when I get my shower they want to be in there. They talk to me and will pull the shower curtain back and say “boo”. Now you know they have minds of children, otherwise the person pulling the curtain back would be scared seeing me in the shower.

I well remember my daughter doing that in the old house. She would sit on the edge of the tub and face me sitting on the toilet. And it seems like they have ESP and know you are going there even if they aren’t in the same room you are when you head that way.

One day I told my daughter “Please go away and let me poo poo in peace”. She looked at me seriously and said “No Mama, you better poo poo in the potty”.

I thought the shadow in the bathroom days were over…but along come the redheads. Now I have two shadows.


dhcoop said...

LOL! Well I have at least 2, sometimes 3 in there with me. But mine are four legged and furry and don't make comments.

Although I HAVE gotten some disgusted looks at times...

i'm black betty said...

yes, my diva does the same thing...and then has the audacity to tell me "it stinks in here". kids! they are a mess!!!

(i've started locking the door, but i still see little fingers poking underneath, waving at me...LOL!!!) :)

Jen said...

um, I use to do it to my Mom, too. I don't know why! I now have 2 dogs and a cat that do the same thing. As a matter of fact, I was watching my parent's lab for them and my brother's lab. 3 LABS in the house. NO FUN! And, all 3 of them plus my old cranky cocker spaniel were in there. I was yelling for them to GET OUT! haha I imagine our children will do the same thing. I never have understood the fascination.

Confessions of A Mississippi Mom said...

I know whatcha mean, my kid's do the samething and I thought it would end when my daughter became older, but no she is there having long conversations... who knows??? kid's LOL