Weekend Tidbits

It was a nice, relaxing, yet productive, weekend.

The redheads were at their other grandparent’s house Friday night so hubby and I watched Fireproof. It was an excellent Christian film with a good story line. Like “Facing the Giants”, you can tell the actors are not all professionals (especially the doctor) and that does distract some from the movie. It also had a few cheesy parts that could have been done differently or just left out, but overall, a good movie that gets its point across.

Daughter and boyfriend went and saw The Taken and they said it was very good. I like Liam Neesom so maybe we will get that dvd when it comes out since it was rated PG-13. I’d love to see Gran Torino but the R rating my turn me away from that one. I just don’t care to hear a lot of foul language.

Daughter and I went shopping in Hattiesburg Saturday. We hit the early bird sale at Kohl’s, which has a few good deals, then went to Target. We ate at Newk’s for the first time. It was good. We split a spicy shrimp pizza and she got a side salad. We stopped in Columbia at a formal wear shop and got a prom dress. It is very pretty on her and was very reasonably priced. I love the shoes she got. Just need to find the right earrings now.

The ballgame didn’t turn out like I would have liked it to but I wasn’t just heartbroken since neither team was a usual favorite of mine.

The girls went to bed VERY early. So I did too. A rare treat which was very nice.

Now, gotta get started on a dreary Monday.


Jen said...

yall just kill me hitting the early bird specials. :) I don't get up early, haha I LOVE SOME NEWKS! Their grilled chicken ceaser salad is SO good. I was addicted to it for a while and was eating one a week! haha

I'm glad she found a dress.

i'm black betty said...

i'm glad to hear they liked taken. i thought it looked pretty good. might have to go see that one...

glad you had a good weekend! :)