The Waiting is the Hardest Part...

…especially when you’re hungry.

We decided on the spur of the moment to go to Hattiesburg Friday night, just to shop a little and eat supper. We only went to Kirkland’s and of course, Kohl’s. Found some great deals. I was wanting a mirror to replace the framed art above my mantle and I found a great one on sale. At Kohl’s (I love that store) I found the redheads some play shirts on the clearance rack for $2.40 each. Short sleeve, summer shirts, two of each style and size, which is hard to come by. So by the time we got through shopping we were ready for supper. It was about 7:00.

My husband had been craving Outback so we headed over there, which was fine with me. I wanted some crab cakes. We found a parking spot and headed in. Gave our name to the hostess and she said the wait time will be…about one hour. ONE HOUR. Shoot. I knew they would be busy but never dreamed it would be a one hour wait. Outback is good but not that good. We didn’t want to wait that long.

We went back up the road to Longhorn. We had never been there so we were taking a chance. Wait time…50 minutes. Ugh. Plus the alcohol smell was extremely strong. I didn’t want to wait there.

We walked on over to Olive Garden just next door. 30 minute wait time. I could handle that. It actually only took about 15 minutes before they seated us. I ordered something different that I’d never tried before. It was okay but not that great. Oh well. It filled me up with plenty left for a doggie bag. My husband really enjoyed his meal thank goodness.

It just amazes me that with all the restaurants in Hattiesburg that the wait time is so long. I guess we could have went to Backyard Burger or Raising Canes and eaten quicker. Those are treats to me since we don’t have one around here. Next time we go we’ll either time it better or eat fast food. I just hate waiting.


Jen said...

I hate waiting too. And my hubby, no way he is going to wait that long unless it's a Joe's Crab shack. haha

I have been craving some olive garden!

Susan said...

I refuse to wait that long for anything. There isn't a restuarant in this state good enough for me to wait an hour! Now there is one in Gulf Shores I'd wait that long for, but I've never had to wait longer than five or ten minutes there!

And Hattiesburg has gotten crazy. When I left there in 1998 it was busy, but since Katrina the traffic has gotten ridiculous. I have friends who still live there and say the number of people has doubled everywhere you go.

i'm black betty said...

i LOVE me some kohls. they have yankee candles, now...and they are cheaper than anywhere else.

glad you had fun. :)