Nighttime Visitors

I stupidly left a bag of Hershey’s Kisses lying on my desk last night. I knew better. But I figured with the warm weather the mice would stay outside and play. Wrong. They helped themselves to my chocolate! They drug a couple of kisses back behind my pc and left them...half eaten. They nibbled on a few in my bag. YUCK! I just hated throwing the rest of those chocolates away. Warm or cold weather, next time I’ll stick them in the refrigerator.

Mice have always been a problem in this factory but through the years we’ve had other animal intruders. I’m not surprised. This place is huge, covers several acres, and has openings everywhere.

It became overrun with cats one time. And there were so many cats it became infested with fleas. You could walk down through the warehouse and see the fleas jump onto your legs. They had to get professionals in to take care of that problem.

They built traps for the cats. I don’t know what happened to the cats once they caught them. I may not want to know. We still have cats that wander in and out and get their meals from the trash cans. We had a summer helper in engineering a few years ago (back when business was booming, unlike today). On his first day here, we could hear a kitten meowing in the wall. So we got him to tear off the paneling and get the kitten out. Apparently it had fallen in from the ceiling where they were born. I bet the summer help has never had to do that on his first day of work ever again.

I don’t remember if I’ve ever taken a kitten home from here before but I have a stray dog. It was a beautiful, long haired little mutt. She made an excellent pet.

I’ve seen only one snake in here.

Okay, now I’m off to the stock room to get sticky traps. I’ll teach those menacing mice to steal my chocolates.


dhcoop said...


Friend in CS is battling mice right now too. He actually watched Jessie (chihuahua) beat one to death with his paw Saturday morning and then yesterday, stomp up and down on one in the yard and killed it. The strange thing is that he will NOT put his mouth on it. Guess he knows it's nasty.

Jen said...

Mice love chocolate. That's what my Mother in Law uses on her traps. It works, haha.. I never knew it until I saw her breaking up a Hersheys and setting a trap.

We have 1 furry mouse running around, I have found his evidence & put my cat on the trail, he is an excellent mouser. I hope he gets it soon. I hate those things. We get 1 or 2 a year. Being in the country, its inevitable.

i'm black betty said...