Bad Lunch, Good Lunch

I know I should bring my lunch more often. It would save time and money. But I just like a fresh, hot meal and enjoy getting out of the office too.

Yesterday was a waste of time and money. I left without having any idea as to what I wanted. I did want to stay on “this” side of town so my choices were Subway, chicken or chicken (I would include burger but this Ward’s is disgusting so that’s not even an option). While sitting at the red light I decided to go t KFC. I usually get a kids meal since my surgically altered stomach can’t hold much but since the KFC strips went to original instead of crispy (and no, you don’t have a choice) I’m not crazy about their strips. So I’m looking at the menu and see a snacker combo for $3.99. But I really don’t need TWO snackers. One snacker fills me up even without a side but now my brain is telling my stomach that I need a snacker AND potato wedges, knowing I can’t eat that much…but my brain wins. So instead of getting the combo, I order one snacker, wedges and drink. The total is about a dollar MORE than if I had gotten the combo which was more food. Shoot. I could have at least put a snacker in the fridge for later. I’ve pulled up so it’s too late to change my order. So I did something I don’t think I’ve ever done before. I pulled out of the drive thru lane. I was NOT gonna blow that extra buck.

I headed out and over to Church’s for honey bbq wings. I order. “We no longer serve those” they told me. What now? I had seen on their sign “Shrimps Are Back” (and what’s the deal with “shrimps”? At least they used a plural verb unlike Popeyes “shrimps is back”) so I ordered the shrimp basket. I hated to spend that much money but it was an impulse. That’s why I should always know what I want and where I’m going ahead of time. The shrimp turned out to be really gross so I ate a few and the rest, as well as all my fries, went in the garbage. They didn’t even give me one of those good little honey biscuits either. That was a bad lunch day for sure.

Today, I knew where I was going and what I wanted. Or so I thought. I did go to Piccadilly’s as planned. There was a new, nice little guy behind the counter. I always get a child’s plate with a chicken leg and sides but today they had some sweet and sour chicken that was looking pretty good. I asked if I could get it on the kid’s plate (I didn’t think I could but it doesn’t hurt to ask). No. I ask how much is just a helping of rice w/sweet and sour chicken. $4.98. So, it would only make sense for me to get a full meal and save the leftovers. I did. The little guy loaded me up with sweet and sour chicken on rice and asked me “is this enough?” while he was dipping. I got a green salad as a side. He asked if I wanted tomatoes, croutons and bacon bits. Yes, I said. No one had ever asked me that. He brings out three cups of dressing and asked “is this enough?”. Plenty I said. You get one more side he said. So I get the skin on potatoes and he fills both compartments up w/potatoes since my salad is in a separate box. Do you want lemon in your tea? Yes please I said. Wow! No one else had ever asked if I wanted lemon in my tea. He even gave me two sets of plasticware. One for my salad he said. What a nice guy!

He rings me up and says $5.34. Are you sure I asked. I had seen that the tea was $1.79. Yes he tells me. I asked if he included my tea. Yes. Okay, I’m not gonna argue.

So I ate half of my sweet and sour chicken and rice and have tons of food left for tomorrow or else to take home this afternoon.

It was a good lunch day indeed.


Supermom said...

instead of "dined and dashed" you "ordered and dashed" heh

dhcoop said...

LOL! Sort of makes up for yesterday, doesn't it!

Jen said...

That's hilarious, why didn't you just change your order at the window? They would have done it for you! I love those little snackers and I can only eat one, myself. LOL Mom & I will get that meal and split it. It's tasty. Drive thru dash, didn't know you had it in you! :)