The Lost Daughter

My brother-in-law met his oldest daughter for the first time this past week. She is 38 years old.

He fathered this child while on his way from Viet Nam during a stop over in San Francisco. I’m sure he’s not the only person coming home from war that this has happened to. The mother had let him know he had a daughter way back then but I don’t know why there was never any contact made. I don’t know if it was the distance or because he had later met and married my sister. I figure that part is personal so I haven’t asked that question. I’m sure the thought of having a daughter he’d never met was always in the back of his mind though.

Ever since she made contact, my b-i-l has been like an expectant father waiting for his new child to arrive. I think they talked by phone almost every day. She created a myspace page so the family could look at pictures and keep in touch that way. It is amazing how much she looks like her father and his family.

My sister and husband hosted a gathering Saturday night so everyone could meet the new family member. They both have large families so it was quite a few people there.

The daughter and her husband are very nice and have two sweet, well mannered children. I’m sure it was an unusual and emotional experience for all involved, meeting your family for the first time. I hope this will open a new chapter in their lives…and the ending will be a good one.

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mrs.h said...

What a great story! I started to say what a happy ending, but it's really just the beginning, isn't it?