Olympic Thoughts...

Why isn’t football an Olympic sport? We have basketball, baseball, trampoline…WHAT??? I can’t believe trampoline is a SPORT.

And I KNOW the male gymnasts are super athletes with bulging muscles but they just look so prissy to me. At least do away with the little salute thingy at the beginning and end of the routines.

Brittney Reese…you go girl! Will she get the gold on Friday night? We’ll see.

I watched something briefly the other night…a kind of cross between soccer and basketball. But they use their hands, not feet, and they carry the ball, not dribble. What was that?

Why do the female beach volleyball players play almost naked but the men wear long shorts and shirts?

Sure, Michael Phelps has eight gold medals compared to Mark Spitz’s seven, but Spitz is still the best looking swimmer of all time.

I can’t wait for the winter games so I can watch curling.

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