Random Thoughts

The days are getting shorter. I have to turn on my headlights now when I leave in the mornings.

The “smell” of high school football is in the air!!!

Every stray animal that some inhumane person dumps comes to my house.

Putting on make up (pretending that is) with your granddaughters is so much fun! Listening to fourteen month old twins talk to each other is even more fun. Dibadibadiba. Lowdylowdy. Papaw. Papaw.

I’m disappointed the frozen Sasquatch turned out to be a fake.

Can you be pro-life and vote democrat?

Where’s Mike McKenzie when you need him?

I’m still fascinated with people’s fascination over multiples.

Will 24 ever make it back on television?

Blogger is not user friendly.

Why is gas .25¢ per gallon cheaper in the neighboring town just 16 miles away?

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mrs.h said...

I was talking to a 3 year old today and he was telling me about his haircut. As I started to walk away, he tugged at my skirt and said, "Let me tell you one more thing quickly."
QUICKLY!! He used an adverb correctly and he's only 3. I think I love this child. Too bad he's too young for even my youngest daughter. I could be happy with him in my family.