Here are a few of my quirks...

The open end of the pillow slip must face to the outside of the bed or else I can’t sleep.

The tv volume must be on an even number.

I brake for frogs.

I can touch my nose with my tongue.

I only take showers, not baths. I don’t feel clean bathing myself in the same water my butt has been in.

I don’t eat the tips of bananas because when I was little my aunt told me the tips had worms in them.

I have claustrophobia, acrophobia and arachnophobia.

I’m looking forward to menopause. No explanation needed.

I don’t eat buffets. I don’t like a bunch of strangers reaching all over my food.

I don’t use public toilets. I’ve trained myself to hold it until I get home.

I only recently found out the black plastic film is “visqueen” and not “bisqueen”.

I’ve flown once. I hated it. I will never do it again unless it’s a have to.

I hate sentences that end with a preposition but I’ve done it twice above already.

So now, what is your quirkiest quirk?


Old Bopper said...

I dislike things that make noise which I cannot control. Clock chimes, horns, loud engines, etc.

I dislike barking dogs regardless of the time of day or night. (see previous dislike)

mrs.h said...

Sometimes it's hard to come up with alternative wording that doesn't end with a preposition that doesn't sound uppity. But I know exactly what you mean. I think it's called a dangling participle.

tgtank said...

Kinda like the word "fixin'". sometimes it just sounds better!

~Brenda~ said...

I can not stand for the toilet paper or paper towel roll to be upside down. The next sheet should come over the top & hang down in the front... This really annoys me. If I go to someones house & the roll is on backwards...I will fix it!!!