Vaccinate or Not?

There is a big controversy today over children’s vaccinations. When my daughter was small I didn’t think twice about having her vaccinated. And I’d cry as hard as she did watching those needles going into that little leg. I knew I was doing this for her good and never did waver, not one bit. Plus vaccinations were and still are mandatory in this state.

Today, that little bit of hesitation is in the back of my mind when I take my grandchildren for shots. What if something does happen? I’ll be to blame. I know there is no hard evidence indicating that vaccinations are harmful but these articles and people have put that little bit of doubt and worry on my mind. Am I the only one who worries about this or do you? For now we’ll trust our pediatrician and the other experts and we’ll keep getting the vaccines. And I’ll cry with my grandbabies too.


Mark said...

Look at it from the other side. What if they contracted what the vaccinations were for one day? My 2 cents...which isn't worth much.

tgtank said...

I agree. I think that outweighs the very, very slight risks these others are bringing up. I just have a tendency to worry more when it comes to all my babies.