We Thought You'd Be Here By Now

I’ve had a song on my mind lately. I guess because I have been thinking about someone who is struggling with infertility problems. I can sympathize with them. My husband and I went through the same thing. After six years of marriage we decided we were ready for a baby. No problem getting pregnant but I lost the baby at twelve weeks. We waited the recommended time given by our doctor and tried again. This time it took much longer to get pregnant. We lost another baby. Start all over again. This time I could not get pregnant. We went through the doctor visits, temperature charts, medication, even tried an old wives tale (which actually may be what worked). During this time all intimacy is gone. It becomes a mission, a goal…a chore.

Our hard work (okay…sorry for the pun…I know this is a family blog but I just HAD to throw that in!) did pay off though. We were blessed with a daughter. Our baby is now a senior in high school.

I don’t know why the Lord allows some people to have children and others do not. He promised Abraham and Sarah a child and they laughed at him because of their old age. As always, he came through on that promise. I can only offer prayers and hope to those who are dealing with this.

“Thought You’d Be Here” was written by Wes King during the time he and his wife were struggling with infertility issues. They went on to have twins and another child.

We thought you'd be here by now,
your mother and I.
We're praying through our tears
that somehow
We might hear your sweet cry

Have we waited too long?
It's getting harder to be strong.
Is there something we've done wrong?

But if you like dancing,
I'll make it rain rhythm and rhyme
and melodies, child.
And if you like dreaming,
Your mother will make your imagination run wild.
Somehow, we thought you'd be here by now.

We have a room just for you upstairs.
It's right down the hall.
So, we'll be close should you ever get scared.
We'll come when you call.
It's a room full of stories
Waiting to be told
Longing to behold.

And if you like laughing,
I'll plant you a circus of smiles
and ferris wheels, dear
And if you like living,
Your mother will fly you to worlds both far and near.

I never knew silence could make so deaf.
I never knew that I could miss someone I've never met.
Miss someone I haven't met yet.

We'll be waiting.

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Jen said...

Oh where do I start. First, your story is very similar to mine...Maybe you should share the "old wives tale". Second, thank you so much for posting this. I really try to suck it up and not whine but its really so very hard. Thank you for listening, thank you for caring, thank you for praying for me. I really do mean that. You just said more comforting words than any of my life-long friends could have ever said. Third, I love that song, it made me cry but in a good, fulfilling way...

Thank you, your friend, Jennifer (choclablover)