Back in Black

Happy Black Friday people. I’ve already did my thing. I left home at 3:00 AM and got to Hattiesburg about 4:08 AM. I’m not a big shopper so I pretty much knew what I was after. I like to get what I need and get outta there.

I went Kohls first. I parked in the last row in the last spot by the road. I went straight to the children’s department and got a couple of items, browsed the home goods and then to the junior department. I guess while I was browsing the other departments every size small in the junior area was wiped out. No big deal. Their sale actually wasn’t that great. I’m sure we can go back next weekend and find the same prices on other items. It did take me about 20 minutes to check out there.

I headed to Sears and waited about 5 minutes to ask where a particular item was. Grabbed two of those and went to the check out. No one was in the line so that went fast.

I did walk out into the mall to see what else was open. Not much. So I headed back to my car. My biggest disappointment was getting to Columbia and the stupid Burger King was not open. I had a cheesy tot craving like mad too. Opted for a biscuit from Hardees. It just didn’t do the trick.

In the meantime I had got my husband to go to Fred’s in our local town for a couple of things. He had to go to both stores to find what we needed but he did get them.

All this and back home by 7:00 AM. Not bad.

So I still have a lot of shopping to do but it’ll get done. Right now I hear my husband snoring in the recliner. I think I’m ready for a nap myself.

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Jen said...

hah! You wait until you read my ordeal on Thanksgiving. I went through heck to get it but I got it. :)