Kicking the Habit

Is it a bad sign when you pull in to Burger King and the voice simply says “$2.56 mam”?

I’m trying so hard to break the cheesy tot habit. At least I do get a DIET coke. I can’t remember how long it’s been since I’ve been getting that breakfast, pretty much every day. It’s hot, tasty and affordable. But for some reason it has made my pants shrink. I just don’t know how it does that. Kinda like the way Nutrisystem makes you lose weight AND makes you tan, or how Cialis makes you a good dancer (they are always dancing on those commercials).

So last week I only got it twice. Monday. It was the beginning of the week so I felt like I just NEEDED it. And Friday. The last day of the work week, just a few people at work on our laid back, dress even more comfortable and slouchy than jeans day. So, it was a special treat.

So I’ve started this week out with tots. Tomorrow is day two. We’ll see what happens.


Jen said...

I was like this in high school. Every day I stopped by Penn's right by my work & got fries & a Large Sweet Tea. It was $2.12 & I worked at a daycare so I shared with the little babies that had teeth. hehe! I finally broke the habit because they changed fries & I hated the new ones.

Good luck with breaking the habit.

i'm black betty said...

you've just made me very hungry...