Has Someone Hired a Hit Man on Me?

The one thing I fear the most on this earth is…SPIDERS. They are the creepiest, most gruesome creatures that God created. I hate to question His wisdom but I just don’t know what He was thinking.

Last night I went to close the blinds in the den and when I reached up there was a HUGE brown spider right there on the curtains. I screamed until my husband came running. So he grabbed the fly swatter and wham, gave it a good lick. But alas, we didn’t see a spider, dead or alive. I would not rest until I had proof that spider was dead. It took him about five minutes and a flashlight but he found the dead creature under the tv. Some relief. But I knew I’d still have visions of that spider for days.

But what’s even worse than a spider on the curtain is a SPIDER IN THE SHOWER AT 2:30 IN THE MORNING. I got up at that time this morning to get ready for black Friday shopping. I got into the shower and THEN I saw the hideous, huge thing just sitting there, waiting to kill me. I don’t know how I didn’t break a leg getting out of there but somehow I made it out safely. I went and woke my husband up to destroy the creature. I will have nightmares from that forever now. Those types of spider episodes NEVER leave my mind. I remember instances of spider encounters from years back that still scare me.

So now I'm wondering, is someone trying to kill me? Has someone gone around and planted spiders in our house? Because I will die of fear or kill myself quicker from spiders than a bullet. Why all of a sudden are they showing up? I’m gonna check around to see if anyone has taken out a new insurance policy on me.

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Mrs.H said...

Tank, you are such a wimp!