Early Morning Shopping

I don’t know why but every day is like Christmas Eve at this local Walmart. It is always packed. You have to park out by the highway and walk a half mile (don’t say “you need the exercise” either), wait for a buggy to be brought in half the time, fight the crowds in the aisles, picked over aisled I might add, stand in the checkout line for thirty minutes, then make the half mile trek back to your vehicle. This is the only store I’ve been in that’s like this. It has to be a extreme emergency for me to go to that store after work. I’d prefer to drive home and then drive to another neighboring town to that Walmart. It is always calm and pleasant in there.

Since I work nearby, I’ve found the best time to shop there is the early morning, before I come to work. Good parking. Stocked shelves. Clear aisles except for the people putting out stock. And everyone is friendlier that time of day for some reason. The greeter, the stockers, the cashier, even the other customers. Most everyone will exchange a smile and a hello.

I’m not a morning person but I will force myself to get up a bit earlier so I can take advantage of that early morning shopping. I made my run by there this morning, grabbed my few items and was out in a jiffy.

Of course, Burger King is just right across the road so I just couldn’t…resist….those…blasted...
Oh, you know. I am so weak.


Mark Williams said...

That means you're not totless today.

Jen said...

at first I thought that said TOPLESS! LOL!

WalMart at the Reservoir(Flowood) is like that. Its infuriating!

When I lived closer, I was a night owl & home alone most times so I would got at 11 or 12 midnight. NO ONE in there then!

i'm black betty said...

i hear ya. LURV me some walmarks at 7:00 a.m. so nice not to be angered. :D