Things that made me happy today:

And in order...

1. Cheesy Tots. ha!

2. The smiles and good mornings from co-workers. That's why I enjoy working where I do.

3. Good news from a friend that had received an unexpected financial gift. God watches over His children.

4. A junior cheeseburger dressed with mustard from the Sonic.

5. Filling up my gas tank which was on empty for $23.

6. The realization that I get paid on black Friday! Yes! We get paid the 15th and last day of the month. I had been pinching on this last check so I'd have money to shop with on black Friday. It just hit me that the last day of the month will be on a Sunday which means our money will go in the bank on the Friday before! Yeehaw!

7. Me time. I'm home by myself right now. I found myself rushing to do several things that I usually can't do each evening. I ate in peace. I read the newspaper (I usually end up taking it to work). I am writing a blog post. I dearly love my family but it is good to have some alone time. The redheads require a lot of attention and I usually spend all my time doing their thing, not mine. I am beginning to get lonesome though...


i'm black betty said...

you had me at the gas tank... :D

Jen said...

NO JOKE BB! haha

Me time is great! I miss the hubby but the alone time to do what i want and on my schedule is very nice.

i'm black betty said...

TGIF!!! i hope you were weak this morning...cause i was, too. :)

tgtank said...

I didn't even fight it this morning. It's Friday so I deserved it!