These are some interesting things I've found out since I've been playing online Scrabble. Now I didn't pull up the dictionary to check all these out and see what these words mean. These are just some words stuck back in my own little brain.

Words it will let you use:

Blimey – I'll say Ol' Chap.

Mojo – Who would have guessed it.

Gam – I thought this was slang for legs or thighs or something. I’ve seen the entertainment mags use this term in the same sentence with Britney Spears.

Geez – So that is a “good” slang word?

Fag – Enough said.

Bros – Ebonics at it’s finest.

Coke – Isn’t that a proper noun?

Tween – Only in the 21st century.

Woof – An approved doggie word.

Words it will not let you use:

Jew – I thought this was a verb also. Not on the approved slang list apparently.

Negro – It’s in the dictionary. I didn’t look but I’ve heard that said hundreds and hundreds of times as justification.

Peed – So what is the past tense of pee then?

Turd, Terd or Tird – Yes, I tried them all.

Lovey – So Lovey Dovey is not a real word?

Yoyo - I thought a yoyo was a...yoyo. It's not a brand name.

And just for black betty, when I get the chance I'm gonna see if it'll accept "fart".


Jen said...

negro is spanish for black. It should be allowed! Fag is not an appropriate term, hehe!

Fart should be allowed too!

Mrs.H said...

Maybe Negro is capitalized?

And coke is not a proper noun unless it's Coca-Cola. I guess it doesn't have an southern internal dictionary.

Andra said...

But I don't think you're not supposed to use words from other languages so maybe that's why negro doesn't work.

i'm black betty said...

dang-it! it won't let you see TURD?!?!?! that's like the best word ever!!!

stupid game. :P

CluckyRN said...

For the record, "fag" is the British word for "cigarette"

Haven't played Scrabble in years. My mom has this huge 2-volume set dictionary, that is really good...but that was published in NINETEEN SEVENTY-THREE. She will argue down a tree if a word is not in those books. LOL