Monday Morning Ritual

I don’t get online much over the weekends because I usually have two little girls right up under me and they want to “key” if I sit down at the pc. I love reading a good blog so on Monday mornings, in between working, I try to get caught up on all my blog reading. There were some very good ones out there this morning. Here are a few if you need a good read or just need to kill some time:










This time of year I also look forward to checking my inbox for any new black Friday ads. This site, http://www.bfads.net/, posts black Friday advertisements and sale papers so people can start making their lists and getting an early start on their shopping plans. Some stores won’t allow them to post their ads (Walmart) so we’ll have to wait until the store releases it just before Thanksgiving. I will go shopping that day only if I see some really good bargains. I’ll make my list and know exactly where I need to go. We’ll get those things and then go eat a good breakfast somewhere. I’m a fast and frugal shopper.

Even though money is tight, I am really looking forward to the holiday season. Christmas shouldn’t be about money and gifts anyway. It should be about celebrating the life of Christ.

It amazes me how early the stores put out their Christmas items but…we may put our tree up next weekend. Is it too early for that? I’m sure it’ll only be decorated from about halfway up. It’ll be hard keeping those two sets of little hands off of it.


i'm black betty said...

thanks, tank! you're the best! i really look forward to reading your blog as well.

btw, you need to post some new pics of those ADORABLE twins!!! i need a fix. :D

Jen said...

aw thanks tank! I love reading your posts too. Those little girls have stolen a piece of my heart! heh! Can't wait for Christmas pics of them ;)