Drive Thru Rage

I only have thirty minutes for lunch so I am usually hurry scurrying to grab something and get back. So why do I always get behind a jughead in the drive thru?

Yesterday I got behind this hunter green SUV as I was pulling in to KFC. It takes them forever just to pull into the drive and get to the speaker. And there is no line, just us two vehicles. The cashier says “may I take your order”. Silence. In a couple of minutes she says again “may I take your order”. The jughead says “hold on”. Not “hold on please”. After a couple more minutes he finally starts babbling off an order. It takes the cashier about five minutes to get it all straight. He pulls around, finally. I order. Get back in behind him. The lady gives him his drinks, then his bag. He sits there a couple of minutes and then starts banging on the window. It opens. I cannot hear the dialogue but he pulls up, finally. I pay, take my order and pull up…and get behind him again. He is still sitting in the drive. We pull out into the four lane and I floor it just to get past him. I was tired of looking at the rear end of that jughead.

The other day I got behind a car that placed…THREE separate orders. Please, if you have more than one order, okay, I’ll let you slide with two at the max, GO INSIDE.

And don’t even let me see someone yakking on a cell phone trying to place, pay for and pick up an order. I know we have emergencies and there will be times we’ll have to grab the phone no matter where we are, but if you are having a simple conversation with your BFF or your boyfriend or spouse, PULL OVER! Get out of the line! I love the sign they have in the local grocery lunch line. It says “If you are on your cell phone please step aside. People who are not on phones will be served first”. I think EVERYBODY should have that policy.

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i'm black betty said...

this kinda thing makes me want to ram the h*11 out of somebody's vehicle!!! ARGH!!!