Thank You Daddy

On this Veteran's Day I'd like to say a sincere "Thank You" to all who fought for our rights and freedom.

My daddy was one of those. He was a WWII army vet. He didn't talk much about the war. I now wish I had asked him more questions though. I do know he fought in the battle of Leyte.

I had this collage made just before he passed away in 2001. We used it at his funeral. That is the brown bible that was issued to him by the army and that he carried his entire tour. Tucked inside the bible is a small card with a scripture on it (and I can't remember what, wish I had written it down before it was framed) and a "lipstick" kiss on the back from my mother.


Jen said...

That is very neat! I have a picture of my Granny that she had given to my Grandfather when he was leaving for the war. It has a little love note on the back. I cherish that picture of her. She was the same age as I was when My hubby left for Iraq. I take it as a sign :)

i'm black betty said...

awesome. thank you to all veterans. great post.