Happy Birthday Mother!

My beautiful mother turns 85 today! And yes, we do call her "Mother". Not very common I know. She is one tough lady. She has an artificial heart valve, takes two insulin shots a day, has glaucoma and is legally blind, has had both knees replaced and a replacement replaced, has a pin in her hip, has arthritis, is a stroke victim which left her with numbness on her left side and major speech loss. She was even hit by a dually pick-up in the mall parking lot and was only bruised and banged up! (We still pick at my oldest sister for letting our mother get run over.) She still lives by herself, cooks for my brother as often as she can (he's married but he's the only boy out of five kids so he's SPOILED), has a garden, tons of flowers and walks to my house almost every day to play with the redheads. I hope I inherited some of her genes.

Happy Birthday Mother and I hope you have many more. Love, Your Youngest Daughter.


Mrs.H said...

I love old (young) pictures of mature individuals. I gives you a much better idea of who they REALLY are.

Happy Birthday, Tank's Mother!!

dhcoop said...

I'm a day late, but Happy Birthday Mother of Tank!

Jen said...

awwww! Hubby's great Uncle is 84 and I cooked him lunch and supper yesterday(Saturday) and I totally enjoyed him. I always do. He is full of great stories & so funny & cute to boot. :) heh! He loves my chili so he had that for lunch. He brought a chocolate silk pie for me & Him for desert & brought hubby ice cream & a butterfinger to crush up to put on it. It was so sweet.

i'm black betty said...


what an awesome woman. thank you so much for sharing!!! xoxo